Hello my lovelies! I'm very happy to present you my very first Comic, The Princess and the Centaur!

The comic will have a total of 7 pages, which I'll publish once per week. I hope you love to see it just as much as I loved to draw it.

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So, I heard you guys like Centaurs.... I hope you like Milo D'armine, the Centaur Lady clad in several layers of awesome and historically correct armour~♥

Dieselpunk Vex. The baddies are always the most awesome, and the sexiest too!

Hi people! Well, I'm new here, and I'm posting my very first art on Artalley. So, I hope you like it! Subscribe for more! ^^

This is Celestine, btw. A commission for a character on f-list ^^
Nude version comming on another post.

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