Hello! just joined the site, here's some of my art to share. I'm excited seeing the quality of everyone's work on the site already.

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@thatjuanartist I love the arty circle of people in the first picture. Satisfying, somehow. Also, a difficult perspective for a round room, nice!

@cornflower thanks! looking back I definitely miss these kinda spaces where you can hang w a lot of artists. It was inspired from parties I'd go to in art school.

@thatjuanartist Sounds great!

I was never part of such circles, but every now and then I stumbled into some via a friend or by accident. But I would really have loved to.

I think it might be possible to find such spaces online now (an upside of the pandemic?).

@cornflower yeah I'm still surprised the cool art kids just kinda let me hang out w them tbh.

I've seen discord servers and such that are pretty cool, and I'm also paroosing over here after hearing about it. I'm still getting the hang of it tho.

@thatjuanartist I really dig these palettes and compositions, dang.

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