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Hiya! I'm t'Sade (/t͡s.sɑː.dɑː/), a writer of naughty words since the late eighties. Mostly I seem to lean toward the darker side of things like Urotsukidoji, Demon Beast Invasion, and Parasite In City but I do have sweeter, non-violent pieces.

Most of my stories are free at but I have a fraction broken out for supporters including access to my two published novels: The Mummy's Girl (mummy, bdsm, fantasy) and Eliza and the Raptor (Flash Gordon meets dino porn).

One thing that will come out is me finally getting Puppy Mill in PDF format available on the website.

That's a big book, 1.6k pages.

Spent a couple hours being sick in the middle of night, which means I have a massive list of self-doubts, things to do, and stuff to work on today.

You know, instead of writing Economies of Scale 2.

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✨It's comic update daaaaaaay!!✨ Two new pages in which Cassidy is a good sweet person and Adam is not

My website design is way to fucking complicated some days. I'm splitting a story which means I have to tweak things but the idea of creating another Git repo just fills me with dread today.

I really should be writing porn tonight. I need to write a sweet sequel to Economies of Scale.

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✨It's comic update daaaaaaay!!✨ Two new pages in which the fashion icon of the century has just been born, someone call GQ magazine immediately

What is it with SyFy-style movies and shows where they backlit a frosted screen so someone could shower or change? I mean, it's a bit creepy that Sheriff Carter could see his daughter showering, but this Lake Placid movie is using the same effect.

I'm binge watching every movie in my collection with the word "Placid" in the name (1, 2, 3, Final, Legacy, and vs Anaconda). Well, this series hits my vore and amputation interests nicely. Not to mention my cheap SFX, stupid people getting killed, and Betty White being awesome.

I posted a status of where I am while writing my little naughty game for my world. It includes some design notes, inspirations (FL, KOL, COC) and intent.

tl/dr: A long way to go but the direction is currently clear.

Three-Headed Shark is so bad, I can't stop watching it.

I'm watching "Cabin in the Woods" one of my favorite horror movies.

"He's got a husband bulge."

But, really I'm just here for the elevator scene.

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NSFW art; pegging 

And December 2019 survey posted for my $5 patrons at Obligations done for a week, now to work on my perverted web game for the next week.

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Na-Ehi: Last of his tribe, Cleric of Kelemvor, The Ivory Saint.

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Daily reminder that Kirby is non-binary and Nintendo America is transphobic.

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