fruit lingerie! i felt like i haven't included enough babes in my lingerie series, so here's one.

💎 | ☕

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Non sexual nudity 

Just another . Actually first of the year.
As usual there's some and .

As usual, I share my love for .
I just want to prove to myself dismantling the male gaze is possible. I just want to show bodies for what they are : places where we live in.

With love.

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Did @tyinneart 's challenge! This was really fun and now I want to do more...!

a valentine themed ! feel free to join, tag me so i can see it and boost it! 💜

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lingerie month day 7: bridal 🕊️

if you like my work, please consider supporting me with a donation via 💜

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#64 "Trans-Neptunian Objekt"

If you like my art, I appreciate feedback, boosts and ko-fis (from people who're able to!)

If you want to acquire the physical canvas, I these as "Pay what you want/can" to the first one who claims it. I need my costs for materials and shipping covered and hope to get a bit extra as my art is very not covering its costs at the moment


#abstract #art #mastoart

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a titty picture, SFW 

Finally, the last xmas picture from 2020, for Softpurr of her amazing bazongas. The airbrushing and freckles didn't scan the best. It's not the last picture I did during the year, but damn if it isn't a good way to see it out. 🎉

Unfortunately, this picture has been stuck in USPS Philadelphia distribution center purgatory for almost a month now.😭 2020 is continuing to curse me into 2021.

#MastoArt #art #watercolor #pinup

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one of my all-time favorite i've done! 💜

check out my where you can get some cool rewards! three tiers available for now! 💜

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