40% off clearance sale before my next shop update! grab yourself some witchy stationery 💜


one of my merbabes for this ! this one is made out of three prompts - psychic, galaxy and glitter.

get her as a print via etsy.com/shop/tyiart 💜

The Devil and The Star tarot cards! only one more tarot card to go and i'll be done with the whole major arcana!

watch my shop for the deck to appear! etsy.com/shop/tyiart

major arcana: the emperor & wheel of fortune - two of my symbolic pieces that i really loved creating!

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this month i've been doing tarot series! i'll probably continue creating them for the next month too - it's a lot of work!

for anyone interested i also opened my shop - etsy.com/shop/tyiart - and right now i'm running a sweet sale for all stickers! check it out 💖

made a drawing out of several prompts: "umbrella", "soda", "dress", "peony", "daffodils" and "crocus". 🌺


what else do you need this spring other than a pinup babe sitting in a barbie wheelbarrow 🤔

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a new entry! who are these hands and where are they trying to take her? 👀

she is available as a desktop wallpaper if you pledge to my amethyst tier on patreon.com/tyiart ! 💜

Constellations series: Carina & Orion. IRL Carina represents a part of a ship and Orion is a supernaturally strong hunter from Greek mythology. Loved doing these!

💎 patreon.com/tyiart | ☕ ko-fi.com/tyiart

my take on the Lepus constellation, which IRL represents a "hare" being chased by Orion (the hunter) and his two dogs, Canis Major & Minor. due to this origin i made my lady a little fluffy!

💎 patreon.com/tyiart | ☕ ko-fi.com/tyiart

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Snake drawing 

Had this page where I started a drawing but inked was going through the page. So I kinda did a drawing to hide the old test

#dustyart #MastoArt #art #TraditionalArt

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