made a drawing out of several prompts: "umbrella", "soda", "dress", "peony", "daffodils" and "crocus". 🌺

what else do you need this spring other than a pinup babe sitting in a barbie wheelbarrow 🤔 boosted boosted

a new entry! who are these hands and where are they trying to take her? 👀

she is available as a desktop wallpaper if you pledge to my amethyst tier on ! 💜

Constellations series: Carina & Orion. IRL Carina represents a part of a ship and Orion is a supernaturally strong hunter from Greek mythology. Loved doing these!

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my take on the Lepus constellation, which IRL represents a "hare" being chased by Orion (the hunter) and his two dogs, Canis Major & Minor. due to this origin i made my lady a little fluffy!

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Snake drawing 

Had this page where I started a drawing but inked was going through the page. So I kinda did a drawing to hide the old test

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fruit lingerie! i felt like i haven't included enough babes in my lingerie series, so here's one.

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Non sexual nudity 

Just another . Actually first of the year.
As usual there's some and .

As usual, I share my love for .
I just want to prove to myself dismantling the male gaze is possible. I just want to show bodies for what they are : places where we live in.

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Did @tyinneart 's challenge! This was really fun and now I want to do more...!

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