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XIV OC commission, last one from August. Send more smol redheads my way pls ty 😩🙏

Nudity, Masturbation, Xenobiology, Drugs 

Are you making fan fiction that adds to the universe’s depth and flexibility, or are you just cashing in on lonely, vulnerable teenagers (and adult children) by waving puppet dicks in front of their faces with “Your fave” taped on its chest?

Manipulating lights on a screen like a sexy billboard to distract and hypnotize isn’t what art’s about. And re-using copyrighted characters for cheap familiarity and established emotional investment isn’t either. It’s easy for a reason.

Since coming here and seeing the honest attempts by more studious artists at creating engaging erotic content, I’ve already begun to see the hyper-bright and immature discrepancies in my work that keep my drawings from being taken seriously.

I guess what I’m saying is that it looks like cartoon child porn is the cheap, greasy burger joint of the sexual art market.

If they could bridge the gap by bringing the fun colors, wild styles and appealing shapes over to subjects that were of age, it’d make for a more lively market, but also probably invade a serious artistic community with attention-grabbing consumerist nonsense.

What creators usually produce to make money is so far from what is considered commonplace adult content that it’s almost ridiculous. What a gap between the demand and what people can conscientally make.

So far I’ve seen that most of the art that’s commonplace on Twitter, formerly Tumblr, Pixiv and Rule34 is all classified as “loli” and “shota” and can only hang out in niche spaces. Who knew!

Me @ 13: Furry hot
Me @ 24: They’re fuckin’ critters mate lay off

That's all of my NSFW art for now! Stored up for the last year or so. I'll have more soon.

Nudity, Xenobiology 

Sex, Xenobiology 

Sex, Bright Colors 

Nudity. Masturbation, Bright Colors 

Mild Sex 


Sexual Humor 

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