**Coronavirus leaves Portugal's hospitals in a state of emergency**

"Overcrowded intensive care units, triage tents outside clinics, skyrocketing death rates — Portugal is getting crushed by the third wave of the coronavirus. Now, even the German army has been called upon to help."


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This was at a camp site behind the Last Chance Saloon in Alberta in 2019.

I've being going through the photos that I've taken over the years. This was taken in the Alberta Badlands, likely in Horse Thief Canyon.

I bought some soap from a local kink club closing its play space

I still plan on doing that survey driven choose your own adventure story, but in the meantime take some Chiko the

It's a long shot but HELP ME Mastadon!

Anyone know if I need to or how to remove this white grout from the wood subfloor before laying new stick on tile?

Playing with my printer, finally got it working right, made some for our

Finally found something to cover up that old WE sticker on my laptop.

I made this to spread on twitter, I know that there are other albertans in the fediverse so I hope they spread the word.

I don't know how to or even if citizens can force an election, but I'm demanding one anyway, because voting in a few years doesn't fix what's happening now.

The flag image was borrowed from wiki commons, all I did was crop it and add the text.

On which note, here's a comparison of the App Store "data linked to you" declarations for Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.


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