To comment on ongoing discussions about, sexual depictions of minors are absolutely not allowed here. Until now the guiding principle of this rule enforcement was physical appearance of characters rather than specific knowledge of various canons. If a character has the body of an adult, it is an adult, and if the character has the body of a minor, it is a minor, even if the canon claims it is a 500 year old dragon. (1/-)

Unfortunately whalefall did not include the receipts of our conversation in the post talking about our policies, summarizing it instead in more vague terms that made the situation look far more ominous than it was. In the end it is just one account in question and we didn't have a reason to review those policies previously. We have reached out to the admin to try and clarify the situation, but it is very difficult to fix rumours once they start circulating. (2/-) was meant to provide a home for a community of artists that is more friendly to adult content than commercial platforms but more clean and safe than other adult websites, and was never anything more than a hobby project motivated only by the joy it brought its users. But if it will not be possible to undo the damage caused by this incident, then there will be no reason to keep it going, and it will be shut down. (3/-)


@curator I really hope it doesn't come to shutting down. On another note you said this is a hobby, how much does hosting cost you?

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