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my name is jesse (she/her) and i am 29. i’m originally from nova scotia, canada but i’ve lived in new england for most of my life.

i am an artist, activist, tarot reader, feminist, slut, abolitionist, witch... a creator and a destroyer.

i identify on the ace spectrum. i believe very strongly in autonomy, freedom, reproductive justice and body/sex positivity.

i am here for art, justice, and love in all forms.🖤

“when i worry about the birds, i am also worrying about watching all my possible selves go extinct. and when i worry that no one will see the value of these murky waters, it is also a worry that i will be stripped of my own unusable parts, my own mysteries, and my own depths.”
- ‘how to do nothing’ by jenny odell
(drawing by me)

Got to say it’s been so nice being in such a queer space. I came for art, but I stay for how wholesome everything is. Like I don’t have to come up with witty snark all the time like I normally would need to in order to combax the influx of cishet men who need therapy.

if you’re reading this say hi
let’s be friends ☺️

my tattoo design of peggy’s cove. i miss nova scotia, been feeling pretty homesick lately •

Hip roses from the other day, because sometimes i still make classic tattoos.

i would like to be thick lush moss high up on a tree in the middle of the forest where nobody can reach me except for birds, squirrels, and little slug friends

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