hello, dear community of artists & small business owners! I'm thinking about switching from a handwritten note to a printed thank you card, for each & every order I sent out to my dear supporters.

I absolutely LOVE handwritten notes, but because of the pain in my wrists, I can't do that anymore... I was wondering if anyone had input on what is the best to still convey that I care and put so much into each order? Thank you so much!!

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@yaspetitpoulet I use custom stamps and ink pads for my orders! Whether it’s on the packaging or a card. Gives this that tangible, personal touch :)

@mildpain oh yes I see!!! thank you so so much!! <3 I currently have one stamp, but I'm thinking about getting a couple more, for [recycling communications] and [do not bend] at least.

@yaspetitpoulet oh those are good ideas too! I have a couple of different character head stamps like an alien and a bat

@mildpain do you have pictures by any chance??? i'd love to see them!!

@yaspetitpoulet yeah! I don’t have the stamps with me atm but I have the prints :) The one on the left was custom ordered and the one on the right I hand carved out of a little rubber block. And if I don’t have it in me to write a whole message I’ll scribble on a heart in sharpie

@mildpain I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I was inspired and I carved some plants design on a couple of erasers!! thank you for inspiring me!!

@yaspetitpoulet ohh! You’re so welcome! That’s such a good idea too, I’ve never thought to use erasers, I’m gonna have to try that soon :’)✨✨✨

@yaspetitpoulet ooooh! Last year i managed to get a Silhouette Mint to make custom stamps from my computer. They're pretty easy to make, it just takes a little fiddling around to filling the stamp with ink... It's kinda "self-inking"

@goatbunny yeah i have seen these online but I didn't quite understand at that time!! that seems super coo!!

@yaspetitpoulet Calligraphr may be your best friend here. It's a website that makes custom fonts, all you do is download, fill out, and upload their template- you could do a font of your handwriting so the typed thank-you notes are still your handwriting. I've used it before to make fonts and found the process to be user-friendly. Ink stamps or wax seals could also show that you took time to personally embellish each note without being as strenuous on your wrists as writing them out by hand.

@yaspetitpoulet just scrolled up and saw stamps were already suggested, sorry for repeating!

@Hemarisdiffinis @yaspetitpoulet Calligraphr is also a great idea! I got a subscription to get full use of symbols and I was able to even fill out the templates digitally! They're great for a hand-drawn look!!

@goatbunny I have so much fun with those templates in clip studio paint! Last one I did I used a brush with a watercolor texture to give it kind of a rough pen-that-bled-through-a-bit texture. Wanted to letter a comic with it but then I was like "wait, if it's been a month and I've only mostly finished two panels... I won't be around to finish this" and switched formats lol.

@Hemarisdiffinis hahahaha! it happens :P but at least you have a cool font now? i had to letter a short comic once and they wanted 4 different fonts LOL. Luckily I love creating them so it wasn't too bad. but thank you digital art and Calligraphr! 😅

@yaspetitpoulet If it were me I would write a thank you note like I would to a stranger ordering from me and then use those words. I feel like thats genuine yet not too personal that it will fit everyone. You can also add in a extra note for your special customers.

@yaspetitpoulet hi! I am also a small business owner. I had some custom note cards printed on 100% recycled paper. I made the design completely myself so it was still original, and I feel like using a eco conscious company to print also shows that you care! The company is ecoenclose btw

@lzrdwzrd oh that is so cool!! What size for the card did you choose if I may ask? I have heard of them before!! Thank you for sharing!!

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