I am so proud of my latest illustration/art print >_> I am not always super inspired for a fully decorated piece like this one (I usually focus on one element only) but It was super fun to do and I'd love to do more in the future!!



good day y'all <3

let's introduce our pronouns here? I'd love to get to know more people on this new platform <3

I go first, I use they/them <3

// Art is not mine // Created this printable colouring sheet out of Canva illustrations for anyone to relieve their stress and anxiety. Feel free to print and use <3

Here is my first tote-bag design. I can't wait to create more of these, even though they are pretty damn hard to sell outside of shows. I can't wait to go back to attending physical queer arts and craft events and meeting folks again. I have been insolated for so long... :(

eye contact 

Here's my post! I'm Elyas, a non-binary trans artist. I do illustration work, drawings, paintings & I love to share my art with people.

I'm a spoonie with EDS and most of the time, I use a walker.

I'm interested in taking care of others, building loving communities where we exchange resources & love & take care of one another.

I spend time thinking about how we can abolish policing, make queer spaces more accessible to disabled & non-white folks & build safer spaces.

At the start of the pandemic, I started learning bookbinding. I learned from youtube videos and started them from scratch with upcycled material I found at the thrift store near my place. I am particularly proud of myself for creating this last one. It is so cute and small, I love it.

Hello everyone! I just joined Mastodon and I'm so excited to meet new artist friends <3

I love the combination of lgbt pride x science and I guess it shows through my art a lot hehehe

My entire portfolio is available at www.yaspetitpoulet.com <3

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