All my ideologies put into candy heart greetings cards. πŸ’•βœ¨

I really do hate Valentine's day. These capitalist holidays suck so much! So I made my own version of valentine's day cards.

labor and consumption have so thoroughly colonized our minds that we have a hugely hard time existing without objectives and people who are doing that in any given situation are viewed as suspicious or weird.

we're uncomfortable with silence, with wandering aimlessly, with singing, laughing dancing, making meaningless noise,skipping jumping, moving in an unorderly way, smelling things,sticking fingers in the ground, touching things just to feel them, or even looking at unexpected things.

I am so proud of my latest illustration/art print >_> I am not always super inspired for a fully decorated piece like this one (I usually focus on one element only) but It was super fun to do and I'd love to do more in the future!!


@goatbunny Sending you lots of love! I am going to open the game after months away and I will probably disappear for a while too hahaha! ALSO MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU PAL :'3 Love you!!

good cw etiquette 101:

-content warnings can totally be used to shorten/title posts! they don’t have to be for sensitive content

-plz use CWs for posts with possible triggers like alcohol, food, self harm, mental health, drug use, etc- we also cw for eye contact in photos here (ec)

-plz cw your lewd/nsfw content! there are kiddos here as well as sex repulsed folks

-cw stuff that can fuck with screenreaders like large blocks of repeating words or emoji spam

thx for makin fedi a safer place!

je m'appelle elyas!! enchante Louis!! hahaha j'aime toutes les personnes lgbt + science hahaha

@asparagus_plumosa oh the insect game sounds really fun!! hmmm my fav would be a game called codename!! it is also the only one I remember right now haha

@asparagus_plumosa what is your favourite boardgame??

I feel freedom to post whatever I want on this thing without having to worry that I've messed up my #aesthetic

today is my favorite and saddest day of the year. The longest night the shortest day I treasure it deeply. When the days become longer I start to shrivel.

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