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don't forget to use the image description feature!

It feels so good to just post without concern of β€œlikes” or β€œunfollows”, there’s such a wonderful to this platform

Here is my first tote-bag design. I can't wait to create more of these, even though they are pretty damn hard to sell outside of shows. I can't wait to go back to attending physical queer arts and craft events and meeting folks again. I have been insolated for so long... :(

eye contact 

Here's my post! I'm Elyas, a non-binary trans artist. I do illustration work, drawings, paintings & I love to share my art with people.

I'm a spoonie with EDS and most of the time, I use a walker.

I'm interested in taking care of others, building loving communities where we exchange resources & love & take care of one another.

I spend time thinking about how we can abolish policing, make queer spaces more accessible to disabled & non-white folks & build safer spaces.

Is anyone else new to Mastodon feeling like they stepped into a whole new world of inclusivity and acceptance? I have been saying and hoping for ages that there would be a better platform for BIPOC/NBPOC/disabled/queer/trans/and fat folks could exist without hate and harassment but never knew it would be this amazing and feel so much like "home" I guess is the best way to word it? :owi: I could just go on for hours about how much I enjoy it here 😭

At the start of the pandemic, I started learning bookbinding. I learned from youtube videos and started them from scratch with upcycled material I found at the thrift store near my place. I am particularly proud of myself for creating this last one. It is so cute and small, I love it.

retoot to pet the cat
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New to Mastodon? Here are some tips: 

- Two incredibly helpful ways to get started on here: browsing the "Local" timeline, and searching for hashtags you're interested in. That's how I found most of my closest friends!

- You can, and should, use the CW button to add titles or mark long posts.

- The globe at the bottom of the compose box that lets you change your post privacy.

- Image descriptions are easy to add: just click "edit" at the top-right of the image. You can also adjust crop there.

Hello everyone! I just joined Mastodon and I'm so excited to meet new artist friends <3

I love the combination of lgbt pride x science and I guess it shows through my art a lot hehehe

My entire portfolio is available at <3

Art Alley

Art Alley is a Mastodon server for artists and commissioners, as well as people who just like looking at art. Share your finished pieces, works in progress, changes to your commissions status and your livestreams, or whatever else you want, really!