Oasis Lindstedt.
Finally done with this commission.
Man I hope I can regain back my productivity..

Anyways, hope you enjoy it ToT

Oasis Lindstedt, commissioned by Ledi

Blizzy Pinup commissioned by Kelsey. Repost because I made some fixes.

Alunora Creamed()
A lovely night with the Night Elf Alunora ended with the tastiest .
Alunora ( OC) commissioned by @TheAlunora. Thank you!

Her'miao'ne Petplay - "Master, can your purrty purrvert kitty have some of your tasty milk, purrlease?

from the series, commissioned by Kelsey.

Oops! Hitomi's caught sneaking in the enemies base. She's in for some intimate 'interrogation'... How long will her will stay unwavered?

Hitomi Kotani belongs to
, thanks a lot for commissioning me!

Just a little tease ;p

Characters from the franchise, owned by Nintendo. Commissioned by KG.

Dob x Sonia Nevermind

Ok done with this one! Moving to the next
commission! Commissioned by Sintans.

Kendra Otani Sexy Pants

"Honey, can we continue working out? Or would you rather work me out? ;P"

Commissioned by rwbysmut4life

x Wifey

Finally can post the final version of this!
Supposed to be a part of a series of naughty misadventures into 's worlds, or so I was informed by the commissioner.

x Wifey 20190826

Working on this commission at a less than favorable speed due to health complications :(

Rare "Monster Dildos". Every night does a secret show at the 7th Heaven to earn some extra Gils.

from the remake trailers, commissioned by Sjay. Thanks!

So yeah, here's the first part of that attempt! I'm just gonna put it up and see how it goes.

For extra info, check here: imgur.com/a/FG9Wa6u

This does not solve the underlying issue of my lack of a stable income though. Now I'm at the point where I'm thinking, I have to try with (at least a bit) better prices, or I have to adjust my plans - probably going for simpler art styles that would be more reasonable to do.

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So as a Hail Mary move I opened an emergency sale, some people shared my info, and I got enough work to cover up some immediate expenses. So again, I am very thankful to people who'd shared, or commissioned me!

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Since then I had trouble to have a foothold again, but have not found success, now having to juggle both my health issues and inefficient work-pay rates, I was scrapping by with barely enough to make sure utilities weren't cut and rent being paid. Last month things got worse.

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The story - I was in a financial turmoil since a few years ago. I tried to stabilize, but found myself stuck doing work that was eating too much of my time for too little income. As a result, I began overworking and my health started to deteriorate.

I started going on hiatuses.

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